College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: 2014-2015 Four-year Degree Paths

Anthropology (Bachelor of Arts)
Anthropology (Bachelor of Science)
Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry for Pre-Professional
Secondary Teaching
Communication and Journalism
Journalism (Bachelor of Arts)
Journalism (Bachelor of Science)
Media Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
Media Studies (Bachelor of Science)
Organizational/Corporate Communications (Bachelor of Arts)
Organizational/Corporate Communications (Bachelor of Science)
Rhetoric/Public Communications (Bachelor of Arts)
Rhetoric/Public Communications (Bachelor of Science)
Community Leadership & Civic Engagement (Non-Governmental Organization Leadership and Development Center)
Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (Bachelor of Arts)
Community Leadership and Civic Engagement (Bachelor of Science)
Computer Science
Computational Software
Enterprise Software
Software Development
Economics (Bachelor of Arts)
Economics (Bachelor of Science)
English- Literary Studies
English- Secondary Teaching
English- Studies in Writing
Environmental Studies
Energy Studies
Environmental Policy (Bachelor of Arts)
Environmental Policy (Bachelor of Science)
Human Experience (Bachelor of Arts)
Human Experience (Bachelor of Science)
Non-Governmental Organizations (Bachelor of Arts)
Non-Governmental Organizations (Bachelor of Science)
Water Studies
Foreign Language
French - Business and Translation
French - Language and Literature
German - Business and Translation
German - Language and Literature
Spanish - Business and Translation
Spanish - Language and Literature
Geography (Bachelor of Arts)
Geography (Bachelor of Science)
Geomatics (Bachelor of Science)
Geology & Environmental Geosciences
Earth Science Education
Environmental Geosciences
History (Bachelor of Arts)
History (Bachelor of Science)
History - Teacher Licensure
Mathematical Sciences
Actuarial Science
Degree Path
Applied Mathematics
Computational Math
General Mathematics
Mathematics Education
Probability and Statistics
Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts)
Philosophy (Bachelor of Science)
Applied Physics
Physics Education
Professional Physics
Political Science
International Politics (Bachelor of Arts)
International Politics (Bachelor of Science)
Justice & Democracy (Bachelor of Arts)
Justice & Democracy (Bachelor of Science)
Politics (Bachelor of Arts)
Politics (Bachelor of Science)
Public Administration and Service (Bachelor of Arts)
Public Administration and Service (Bachelor of Science)
Public Law (Bachelor of Arts)
Public Law (Bachelor of Science)
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts)
Psychology (Bachelor of Science)
Sociology (Bachelor of Arts)
Sociology (Bachelor of Science)


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