Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences

The Engineering, Technology, and Physical Sciences Exploratory Track is ideal for students who are fascinated with STEM-related subjects. Ideal for students who have an interest in pursuing engineering and computer science fields or who are considering studies in chemistry, physics or mathematics.

Majors and Programs

Required Math

  • MATH 206: Discrete Math; MATH 155: Trigonometry; and/or MATH 229: Calculus I. The specific required math course will vary by major.

Introductory Classes

  • BIOS 208 and 210, CHEM 110 and 111, CHEM 210 and 212, MATH 155, 206, 211 or 229.
  • Computer Science majors: CSCI 240, STAT 301.
  • Engineering majors: CHEM 210 and 212, CSCI 240, MATH 229, and UEET 101.
  • Environmental Studies majors: ENVS 211, ENVS 229.
  • Meteorology major: GEOG 105 and 106; CSCI 240.
  • Technology majors: TECH 175 and 175A.
  • Specific Physics courses may be required depending on the major.

Career Related Resources

Students interested in teaching specific subject areas should contact the major department of interest or the Office of educator licensure and Preparation for details about the respective program. Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) Test is required for those pursuing educator licensure.

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